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About Us
Paradise State Roleplay is a FiveM server founded in the summer of 2021. Since then, PSRP has gained over 40,000 members across its platform. Paradise State Roleplay is not approved, sponsored, or endorsed by rockstar games.

  • How do I download FiveM and play PSRP?

    First, make sure you're on PC and have a legal copy of GTA5 downloaded. Next, please watch this video:

  • How do I join the server?

    Open FiveM and press F8. Then type in: connect Press enter and you will join the server!

  • How can I obtain more custom vehicles?

    To obtain more custom vehicles, press F9 when in-game or head over to our store for more exclusive vehicles.

  • How do I spawn multiple cars/boats/trailers?

    Spawn a vehicle, get out of the car you first spawned and get into the passenger's seat. While sitting in the passenger's seat, spawn another vehicle and then you've go 2 cars! Continue the process for more vehicles. If you're spawning trailers, you must spawn all cars, semis then lastly, spawn the trailer.